Is Hemp Fabric The Most Durable?

Hypoallergenic, eco-friendly fabric that is resistant to water and UV rays? Is it for real?

Yes, it is. Hemp fabric is one of the most durable fabrics compared to other organic or synthesized materials for clothing.

Not only is it durable, but the resources required to grow hemp crops are also lesser than the other natural fibres such as Cotton, lotus silk, or silkworm fabric.

The biodegradability of hemp further makes it a secure alternative to synthesized textile, which is highly destructive for our environment.

Right now, the robust price tag attached to hemp clothing might stop you from buying it, but the price tag seems justified once you would come across the ease it provides to the environment.

So let’s find out the hidden details encircling the Production, cost, and making of hemp fabric.

How is Hemp Fabric made- the Production

Hemp fabric is derived from organically produced hemp trees. Native to Central Asia, the plants are now grown in various other countries such as Canada, India, France, Italy, Germany, and across the USA.

The fibre is extracted from the hemp stalk after a thorough process which involves many steps such as retting, decortication, hackling, spinning, and bailing. Skilled hemp farmers are required to complete the process. 

Hemp Fabric Properties

The fabric made from hemp is extremely absorbent, light-weight, and breathable. If you are looking for a fabric that remains novel or, we must say, looks even better as time passes, opt for hemp clothing.

Due to its microscopic fibre quality, it absorbs the dye better, and the colour does not fade even after frequent washes. Since it dries up quickly, the chances for mildew growth and other bacteria are also close to zero. 

Hemp v/s Linen

Both hemp and linen are durable and antimicrobial fabrics; however, hemp is better than linen when it comes to durability, whereas linen outshines hemp in terms of elasticity.

The production process of hemp and linen is very similar, and linen also comes from a natural flax plant resource. Both fabrics are supremely wearable and excellent for the ecosystem.

Hemp v/s Cotton

Hemp is twice as strong as Cotton and requires less water to grow, whereas Cotton comes from a natural resource and consumes multiple resources of the environment before coming your way.

Hemp is biodegradable, whereas Cotton is not as recyclable. Thus, indulging in hemp fashion will make you less guilty of landfills and the emission of greenhouse gases.


The only disadvantage to hemp fibre is that machine washes can affect its appearance; therefore, we make mixed clothing, combining the goodness of Hemp and Cotton.

Taking durability and biodegradability from hemp while the crisp and neatness of Cotton, our clothing line is tailored to perfection to suit all your needs while saving mother nature from the devastating effects of textile waste.

Providing ethical fashion is our ultimate goal – because we care.

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