What effects have natural products on the skin?

Natural Fabrics! The Elite and Healthy Choice for Your Skin

You must agree with us that nature is all about love and comfort! As the natural sights are the healers of our soul, natural products are the therapist of our body. Have you ever experienced one or more harsh side effects of wearing a dress you brought for yourself with love? The actual problem is with the fibres used in it, Synthetic fibres! We are here to rescue you from this uneasiness! Clothes made up of natural fibres protect you entirely from allergies, rash, and itching brought about by artificial fibres.
This article will provide deep knowledge about the health benefits of skin-friendly natural fabrics!

All you need to know about these natural fabrics are:

Clothes comprised of natural fibres are labelled as natural fabrics. Did you know that these clothes have been made and worn for thousands of years now? Hair-like raw ingredient, natural fibre, is acquired from plants, animals, and minerals. Nowadays, most clothing is made up of chemically derived, synthetic fibres.

The charm, attractiveness and glamour of these fabrics pull our attention away from the hazardous effects on our skin. Due to their poor breathability and less sweat absorption, they bring discomfort to our skin and allow the accumulation of dreadful bacteria and microbes. Results are allergies and diseases. Not fun to know! On the other hand, skin-friendly natural fabrics are an absolute gift to your skin. Furthermore, these natural fibres are the best friends of our environment, being highly biodegradable. Their chemical-free production or farming is the cherry on the cake!

Some commonly used skin-friendly natural fabrics:

Do you want to gain knowledge about the natural materials out in the market?
Here are some!


Most extensively used worldwide, cotton is an excellent natural fabric for the skin. Cellulosic fibres present in cotton give an exceptional strength to the cloth, making it extra smooth, absorbent, and breathable at the same time. These characteristics make cotton ideal for all types of skins.


Obtained from the flax plant fibre, linen is one of the oldest and most comfortable to wear natural fabrics people are familiar with. It is resistant to sunlight and provides excellent protection to your skin against UV light. Being highly temperature resistant, sweat-absorbent and eco-friendly, linen is known for its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial benefits.


Wool, the noble cloth of winter, is derived from sheep, goats, and some other animals. In addition to temperature regulation, this fibre’s matchless longevity and breathability make it superior to all. The anti-microbial property of wool is observed due to its ability the resist dust and dirt.


Hemp is long-lasting and holds its shape well. It is sourced from cannabis plants. An attractive quality of hemp is the residence of moulds and bacteria. It prevents bacterial development and is effective at reducing odours. Thus hemp may be found in a variety of skincare fabric products.


A protein fibre obtained from the silkworm’s larvae, silk clothes are the symbol of luxury and softness. The highest level of absorbance permits your skin to breathe at high temperatures. Above all, silk is an all-rounder fabric! Cool and dry in summers and relaxing and warm in winters.

Excellent health benefits of wearing natural fabrics:

Natural things always come with enormous advantages for living beings. Nature is here to support us and our fellow beings like a mother! Similarly, natural fabrics have many health benefits for our bodies, especially our skin. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Remarkable breathing of your skin:
    Skin-friendly natural fabrics come with the advantage of high breathability. Their fibre structure is hollow and cavitated enough to pass the surplus moisture and heat, keeping your skin fresh and healthy and protecting you from premature ageing. Natural fibres like cotton and silk remove extra humidity and win the moisture through ventilation of your skin, even in hot summers.
  2. Great insulator for your skin:
    Do you know that natural fabrics are a miracle themselves? They act as an insulator for your skin and body. For example, merino wool from New Zeeland is perfect for chilling winters yet surprisingly suitable for summers. The versatility of natural fabrics resulting from creases bends, and micro-holes keep your skin temperature in check in all weather extremes that give you teenage skin!
  3. Protect your skin from allergies:
    Out of the many health benefits of these fabrics, one with the most significant importance is their hypoallergenic nature. Synthetic fibres like nylon, viscose, and polyester are nightmares for sensitive skin and cause rash and skin irritations. Natural fibres have anti-allergic agents that provide a smoothening effect on sensitive skin. Moreover, the biological anti-microbial agents get through these fabrics’ making procedures, making them anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and order-resistant. Silk, cotton, linen, and bamboo fibres are well-known for their compatibility with sensitive skin.
  4. Absolve toxins and unsafe chemicals:
    The health benefits of natural fabrics are profound because they are free from all the dangerous chemicals and toxins used in the treatment and coating of artificial fibres. Harmful dyes and chemicals used in synthetics fibres damage our skin and are responsible for fatal diseases like cancers.
  5. Saviours of Environment:
    Natural fabrics are the real helpers of our mother nature and in turn, blessings for the living being. Their natural processes and biodegradability make them ideal for reducing pollution and preventing its dangerous effect on our health.
    Features that make natural fabrics beneficial for skin conditions and allergies?
    Are you curious? How do these skin-friendly natural fabrics gain such healthy properties? Well? The real magicians are natural fibres they are made up of. Lyocell fibres derived from the eucalyptus tree are toxin-free and soft on the skin. Modals, a beech tree-derived fibre, is highly breathable and reputed for its moisture-absorbing ability in textiles. Seacell is created by combining finely crushed seaweed with cellulose fibre. This smooth, durable fibre can help cure skin disorders by reducing inflammation and protecting against dangerous free radicals.

Wrap up:
Every time you organize your wardrobe, make healthy choices for your health and precious skin. Bye yourself, clothes made of natural fabrics! Select health and comfort over fast fashion!

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