Sizes, Shapes and Beauty

When Alicia Keys said, “We women are the most beautiful and gorgeous creatures in the whole world no matter what size we are,” we could not agree more.

However, our bodies come in several different shapes and sizes, and that’s actually what makes us all unique and gorgeous.

All of us are different in our own shape and colour; some are curvier, some are flat, and some are muscular, but one thing is assured that we are all beautiful in our own way.

A woman’s body usually falls under five different categories.

Here we discuss how to adorn yourself with perfect clothing and accessories to be the head-turner everywhere you put a foot forward.

Straight/Rectangle-Shaped Body:

The most sought-after body type, which is also famous as the supermodel body, is the straight body type. This body type has a straight figure which does not have a very well-defined waistline, and the width of the hip and the chest are the same. This type is also known as a rectangle and banana-shaped body.

Famous designers and stylists usually take models of such body types when they design tube dresses, off-the-shoulder tops, and belted waist-based clothes. So if you have such a body type, you should wear more of the aforementioned dresses. You are sure to appear more charming. Dresses with different textures and cuts can make you look sexy and slim with your body type.

And yes, you can’t go wrong with statement earrings and pointed toes.

Spoon-Shaped Body:

This body type is not much different from a pear/triangle-shaped body. You have this shaped body type if you have a shelf-like appearance and your hips are more significant than the rest of the body parts. Women with this body type gain more weight in their upper arms, upper thighs, and belly section. This body cut also resembles the number 8.

Wear clothes that show off your legs and add shape to your bust line. You can wear many things with this body shape, but we recommend you wear short skirts, wide necks, mid-rise jeans, A-line skirts, and dresses that are well-fitted around the waist. However, you should avoid wearing loose round-neck shirts, tapered ankle pants, and short dresses that end just below your bottom.

Some chunky and lustrous necklaces will definitely enhance your appearance.

Triangle/Pear-Shaped Body:

The triangle-shaped body is also called the pear body shape. Women with pear body types tend to have broad hips, slim arms, a narrower bust, and a well-defined waistline.

Usually, designers worldwide like showing the waistline of models with this body. If you have a triangle-shaped body, you need to wear clothes that make your shoulders look broader, like boat neck and scoop-neck designs. One should focus on making their upper body more comprehensive to make a balanced look. Wearing cigarette pants and tight skirts can be a disaster if you fall in this body shape on your big days.

Beautiful bracelets can do wonders to your whole attire.

Hourglass-Shaped Body:

Hourglass is a body type with a well-defined waist and a well-balanced bust line and buttocks. You have an hourglass-shaped body if you have naturally round hips and your hips and bust are nearly the same sizes. Girls with hourglass bodies tend to have slightly rounded shoulders, and their upper body is in proportion with their legs.

Stylists suggest those who have this shaped body should wear dresses that enhance their perfect curves. You need to wear belts over your dresses and skirts to make your waistline look sharp. Fitted tops, long dresses, back slit shirts, and skirts can help you look stunning. It would be best if you stayed away from extravagant embroidery and shapeless dresses.

Lovely Necklaces that go down to your naval can add some spice to your entire presence.

Inverted Triangle-Shaped Body:

Women with inverted-triangle bodies have broad shoulders and bust and narrow hips. If you have a voluminous upper body and don’t have a well-defined waist, you fall into this type of body shape.

Women with triangle body shapes need to balance their broader upper body with slender legs by wearing clothes that compliment both parts. Satin dresses, peplum tops, low waist jeans, long dresses, and bell bottoms should be the clothing choices for those having such bodies. Somehow, you should avoid wearing baggy and shapeless tops.

Wondering about the accessories? Slender necklaces and classy earrings are your best bet! And yes, statement shoes will add the pop.

Diamond-Shaped Body:

Women with this particular type of figure have wide buttocks, a small bust, and an undefined waist. The women’s best features that have this type of body shape are slender and well-shaped arms and lower legs.

If you fall in this category, you need to wear clothes that draw attention to your shoulders and show off your legs since you have sexy lower legs. Your silhouette needs to balance your shoulders and hips; a belted outfit can make your waist look lovely. Princess-cut, flowy off-the-shoulder tops, fluttered jeans, skirts, and dark trousers should be your go-to style.

For accessories, include chunky earrings and necklaces in your routine styling.

Apple-Shaped Body:

Women with an apple-shaped body type have a larger chest and abdomen area. They don’t have a much-defined waist, and it becomes the most prominent part of the body in this type as the hips and shoulders are narrow. 

When you have more mass on the upper part of the body, you need to elongate your silhouette. You need to wear jackets and tops that slim down your mid-body region. One with this body type should opt for solid colours and garments with asymmetric lines. Dresses like peplums, tunic tops, and cargo pants fish cuts would be the right choice of clothing for an oval-shaped body. Large prints, turtlenecks, and baggy jackets are the types of clothes that must be avoided.

Slender necklaces and earrings will help give the illusion of an elongated torso. Don’t forget to spice up with neutral-coloured belts.

Since the world is evolving so fast and we know so much about our figure tips, it’s high time we all must know about our body types and celebrate the power of uniqueness. This will certainly help you recognize your own body. Moreover, you can always take measurements to learn about your figure; it’s a pro tip to know your body and adorn yourself accordingly.

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