Sizes, Shapes and Beauty

Our bodies come in several different shapes and sizes, and that’s actually what makes us all unique and gorgeous.

What effects have natural products on the skin?

Natural Fabrics! The Elite and Healthy Choice for Your Skin You must agree with us that nature is all about love and comfort! As the natural sights are the healers of our soul, natural products are the therapist of our body. Have you ever experienced one or more harsh side effects of wearing a dress you brought for yourself with love? The actual problem is with the fibres used in it, Synthetic fibres! We are here to rescue you from this uneasiness! Clothes made up of natural fibres protect you entirely from allergies, rash,Continue reading “What effects have natural products on the skin?”

Relevant Certificates For Sustainable And Ethical Fashion Brands

Do you know that a lot of brands in the Fashion and self-care niche claim themselves to be sustainable and ethical while, on the other hand, they are not even close to it. You may have noticed a lot of clean and ethical products in any store. They call themselves sustainable and ethical but they didn’t tell you what makes them sustainable and ethical. And what’s the proof of this statement? If these types of questions irritate you many times then this blog post is surely for you! That’s where the certificates for sustainableContinue reading “Relevant Certificates For Sustainable And Ethical Fashion Brands”

5 Holistic Fashion Tips to Ensure You Always Look Stylish

Looking your best is essential, no matter what you do in life. For many people, fashion is a way to express themselves and feel confident. But, when it comes to holistic fashion, there are some things that you can do to ensure you always look your best.

Creating a Sustainable Wardrobe

Style your Life by Creating a Sustainable Wardrobe Style your life, not a trend! I know what you’re thinking – I have so many clothes, how can I possibly use less? A sustainable wardrobe is all about using what you already own in new ways. This doesn’t mean you have to wear all the same things and look like a walking billboard for earth-friendly fashion. The goal is not only to look good but also to feel good and happy about your choices. It’s not about being perfect or following trends but rather makingContinue reading “Creating a Sustainable Wardrobe”

Sustainable x-mas time

It’s that time again! After the first two weekends of Advent and the feast of St. Nicholas, we go full speed towards Christmas Eve! We smell the scents of our childhood and enjoy the company of our loved ones. Once again, Mynalabel is paying attention to sustainability, so we’ve put together a few tips for a sustainable holiday season. GIFTS Everyone has experienced it: a present with which you could not do anything.Often these gifts disappear in a drawer and are never brought out again, and in the end, this is a waste forContinue reading “Sustainable x-mas time”

Do Ethical Workplaces Exist In The Fashion Industry?

They say you are what you wear. But we say you are what you wear after consciously processing how much effort goes into the process of making it and how much damage a single dress creates to the planet. Have you ever wondered how much contribution each of us has in global warming, child labour, and wages below the equilibrium? Unfortunately, a lot more than you have ever wondered. What is Hiding Behind One of the Most Sizzling Industries – The Fashion Industry? The fashion industry revolves around the law of demand and supply.Continue reading “Do Ethical Workplaces Exist In The Fashion Industry?”

Is Hemp Fabric The Most Durable?

Hypoallergenic, eco-friendly fabric that is resistant to water and UV rays? Is it for real? Yes, it is. Hemp fabric is one of the most durable fabrics compared to other organic or synthesized materials for clothing. Not only is it durable, but the resources required to grow hemp crops are also lesser than the other natural fibres such as Cotton, lotus silk, or silkworm fabric. The biodegradability of hemp further makes it a secure alternative to synthesized textile, which is highly destructive for our environment. Right now, the robust price tag attached to hempContinue reading “Is Hemp Fabric The Most Durable?”

Lotus Flower Fabric- From Harvesting to the Designer Wear

The never-ending quest for eco-friendly fashion made humans search for organic alternatives hence the birth of lotus flower fabric. This fabric is derived from the long sleek stems of these flowers. People used to utilize flowers, leaves, and seeds of Lotus for medicinal purposes discarding the stems for good. The emergence of Lotus flower fabric put these stems to greater use and decreased cotton production and synthetic fibres by providing the most ecological substitute.

What is Sustainable fashion?

Hi, I’m Justyna,an independent designer who loves nature… If you are a fashion geek, you must have known about a buzzword in the fashion industry – Sustainable fashion! We all love fashion in one sense or another. Its glamour, thrill, and feel-good vibe incite us to feel confident and happier. Isn’t it? But there is a dark side to the glamorous fashion industry. It’s one of the dirtiest industries emitting CO2 and wasting our precious water. To spread the goodness of sustainable fashion and tell you why it’s so important, I have compiled everythingContinue reading “What is Sustainable fashion?”